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Our offer:
- access to the client free of charge!
- serving during the weddings and other special events
- shopping via the phone with home delivery
- help with starting an engine of the car
- transport of children to school
- airport transfers
- your advertisement on the bodywork
- driving customer's car to the customer (order two drivers)
- we have room for 6 people

Citroen C5-for rent
We rent a comfortable and elegant car for a wedding and other celebrations. The car is white, so it perfectly suits the wedding.

- offered car: "Citroen C5"
- Price: 200zl without decor

The price includes:
- the cost of renting a car with a driver for up to 3 hours (every next started hour +50zl)
- driving up to 50 km (over 1zl/km)

If interested, please contact us by or by telephone: 603 778 590

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